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Autumn 2019

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The Strategy of Advocacy: New Podcasts on How Accounting Standards Will Reshape the Franchise Industry - The Financial Accounting Standards Board has adopted new accounting requirements which will reshape the franchise industry in terms of lease obligations within financial statements and revenue recognition. In a two-part podcast, Fox Rothschild partner John Gotaskie joins industry professionals Jeff Deane of BKD CPAs and Jim Powers of Ablak Holdings to discuss how franchisees and franchisors may see significant changes to balance sheets, regulatory reporting processes and loan agreements and covenants. Mark Miner was honored to serve as moderator for both. Listen>>>

The Strategy Behind Historic Preservation at Beaver Station - At a time when the Pittsburgh region is humming with innovation and activity, an all-new economic generator has emerged that's preserving a valuable historic landmark and providing a unique public face to a local historical society – the Beaver Station Cultural and Event Center. Station Chair David O’Leary and Venue Manager Leanne Rogowski recently talked with Mark Miner why the Station has become so popular so quickly and how it's become financially self-sustaining and added an entirely new level of cultural value to the community. More>>>

The Strategy of Differentiation: Is 'Human-ness' Missing in Professional Services Marketing? Mark Miner writes about how, in the realm of professional services, competition has never been fiercer and the need for differentiation more acute. Firms which provide services by highly educated, licensed experts are increasingly viewed as commodities, where outcomes are expected and their work perceived as identical to competitors.... What magic potion can firms use to set themselves apart, pre-qualify credentials, regularly land on shortlists, receive more requests for proposals and become the pursuit, not the pursuer? How do they flip the dynamic to their advantage as a desired go-to resource, trusted problem solver and employer of choice? More>>>

The late Daniel M. Rooney (left), longtime Steelers Chairman, with co-authors Ilkin and Williams.

Forged in Steel: The Seven Time-Tested Leadership Principles Practiced By the Pittsburgh Steelers - Signed copies are available of the first book connecting time-tested leadership principles with a National Football League franchise and Judeo-Christian values, co-authored by Tunch Ilkin of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Damian Williams of Leadership League, produced by Mark Miner's publishing firm. More>>>


"About football and life and come[s] with our heartiest recommendations .... Ilkin knows how to spin a tale [and] manages to weave some sense of humor and perspective into it...." –Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Tunch Ilkin and Damian Williams have done a great job of capturing the life changing leadership principles that were modeled and taught to us by the Steelers organization. These timeless values can be applied to any leader regardless of age or occupation." –Mel Blount, Pittsburgh Steelers

"Examines 'The Steelers Way' and how you can put it to work for your organization. The book explores the management style that the Pittsburgh Steelers implement to motivate players and staff throughout the organization.” –Bill Flanagan, Allegheny Conference on Community Development

Others' praise for the book>>>



Speckled Legacy - General Custer's Brother Tom in American Pop Culture - The legacy of General George Armstrong Custer lives on the pages of the Research Review Magazine of the Little Big Horn Associates -- a national organization devoted to studying Custer and the famed battle. The latest issue includes Mark Miner's article about the General's oft-overlooked brother Tom, who twice won the Medal of Honor but died in battle with the general and three other Custers, an overlooked American tragedy. Entitled "Speckled Legacy: Tom Custer in American Pop Culture" the lavishly illustrated piece surveys photos, news and magazine articles, books, stage plays, and films which have influenced Americans' limited perceptions. Full-text>>>

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